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How to Make Diaper Changing Fun


Before you were a mom, changing diapers was likely not an aspect of parenting that excited you. But there it is, and it keeps on going and going—the Energizer Bunny of chores, but with poop. As as baby gets more active, he or she gets even less thrilled about the changing ritual than you do—often squirming, crying, and doing everything possible to avoid it. (Not quite getting "the longer you struggle, the longer it will take.")

So we've collected 10 tips to make the process more fun—hopefully for you both.

1. Sing a Song

a mom singing to her baby while changing it's diaper

Try saving a couple of your little one's favorite songs just for the changing table. "Pop Goes the Weasel," perhaps? That way she'll be distracted, smile, and maybe in some part of her brain, even look forward to changing time.

2. Supply a Toy

a dad changing his baby's diaper while they play with a toy

Have one or two toys that are exclusively changing table toys. And when those get boring, switch them out for some others. That should distract him long enough for your hands to wipe, dry, and cream with him flat on his back, maybe.

3. Hang a Mobile

a baby lying underneath a mobile

Forget mobiles over the crib—they can keep baby awake and are a potential hazard. But over the changing table, where you'll be supervising every second, they're a distracting dream. The more musical, bright, and movement-y the better.

4. Use a Pee-Pee Tee Pee

a stack of fresh towels

If you've got a boy, you've gotten peed on—and chances are baby has peed on himself, sometimes to his crying surprise. No need for a fancy cone, any old washcloth will do, just make sure it's in place as you unveil.

5. Get Organized

diaper changing products

Just like a chef needs to know where her ingredients are, you too need a changing mis en place. Get a caddy if you need to and always keep everything in the same place so you can grab wipes, diaper, cream all in quick hands-blurred motions if need be. Time is of the changing essence.

6. Love Your Diaper Cream

a jar of diaper cream

Lots of moms use coconut oil for diaper rash—because it works and because it smells delicious. Make sure whatever you use in baby friendly but also smells great. It will help to mask other smells and make it a better sensory experience for you both.

7. Give Yourself a View

a mom changing her baby's diaper

If you can, try and get yourself a lovely spot to change those diapers. maybe somewhere sunlight streams in, or a place where you can pain a lovely mural, or hang a pretty picture. If you're calmer, baby most definitely will be too!

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