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How To Burp Your Baby

See what baby burping positions may work for your baby and learn some burping tricks


When your baby nurses or bottle feeds, they swallow some amount of air. That air can make them gassy, uncomfortable, and fussy. Stopping to burp your baby regularly during feedings can help relieve the gas and help your baby feel better, stop crying, and be more comfortable.

When Should I Burp My Baby?

At a minimum, you want to burp after every 2-3 ounces when bottle-feeding, or between sides if you are breastfeeding. If your little one seems especially gassy, you may want to consider trying to burp him or her more frequently.  

Each baby is different, and there isn’t a set rule for how long you should burp a baby or how many times you should notice your little releasing gas when you burp. You will learn how long you need to burp your baby as you get to know your newborn and his or her habits. As your baby gets older, s/he will learn to eat without swallowing so much air and you won’t need to worry about burping as much.

How Do I Burp A Baby?

There are several techniques you can use to burp your baby, and it's really up to you which position or positions you use. Over time you might find that one position works better for your baby than another one.

Here are 3 burping positions you can try:

1. Burping Over Your Shoulder

a mom burping her newborn baby over her shoulder

In this traditional burping position, you'll want to position your baby facing you up against your chest. With his/her head on your shoulder, lightly pat baby's back. You can alternate between light, gentle pats and soothingly rubbing in circles.

2. Sitting On Your Lap

a dad burping his baby while holding him upright in his lap

Another position you may try is sitting baby up on your lap, making sure to support his/her head in your hand. Make sure baby's chin is in the palm of your hand and you're not holding him or her by the throat. With your other hand, alternate between lightly patting your baby's back and rubbing in small circular motions.

3. Face Down Across Your Lap

a mom burping her newborn baby while holding her baby across her lap

Another common position is to lie your baby on his or her belly across your knees and, similar to the other positions, lightly pat and rub his or her back.

What If Burping Does Not Work?

If you have fed your baby and s/he fell asleep, but suddenly woke up fussy, your baby might have gas on his/her tummy and could feel relief by burping. There are times when, even after burping your baby, s/he will continue to struggle with gas and/or fussiness. If you have tried to increase the amount you burp your baby and s/he is still struggling with this on a regular basis, make sure to mention it to your pediatrician. Your baby's fussiness may be due to another cause, such as reflux. 

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