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Your Baby at 7 Months Old

Month To Month Baby Development


Major changes are happening every day with your baby at seven months. Here are some things he's up to.

  • Understanding emotions! Your baby at seven months can tell when you're happy, sad, or surprised by looking at your face.
  • Using a pincer grip to pick up smaller objects. He may even be able to hold a spoon.
  • Preferring one specific toy over the others.
  • Crying or becoming upset when you leave the room.

a young 7 month old baby crying

Your Baby Month-by-Month: Separation Anxiety

A new skill -- understanding object permanence -- means your baby at seven months may go through separation anxiety. Because your baby now understands that you exist whenever you're out of his site, he misses you when you're not around. This can cause some serious separation anxiety and your baby may cry whenever you leave the room. To help your baby get over this phase, try to leave him with a trusted caregiver and reassure him that you'll be back soon (even if he doesn't understand what you're saying!).

Your Month-to-Month Baby: Seven Months

It's possible to help your baby's development. Try to:

  • Sing or recite nursery rhymes and play rhyming games. Games like Pat-a-Cake or This Little Piggy can help promote both memory and listening skills.
  • Roll a ball backwards and forwards to your baby. This helps develop his motor skills, as well as understand cause and effect.
  • Buy toys that help your baby distinguish between shapes. Use shape sorters and a jack-in-the-box to help develop both motor and cognitive skills.
  • Encourage your baby to move by playing with toys with sounds.

Troubleshooting Your Baby at Seven Months

Babies who were previously sleeping through the night may start waking up again around seven months. This is especially true if he is experiencing separation anxiety. Try to help your child by giving him a special lovey, such as a blanket or stuffed animal. This object could help reduce separation anxiety throughout the night.

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