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Your Baby at 6 Months Old

Month To Month Baby Development


At 6 months old, your baby has come so far. He is getting the hang of sitting up unassisted and may even be experimenting with mobility by crawling or rolling around the room. Your child is also preparing to get his first taste of solid food, and may be sleeping better at night.

Baby Development Milestones To Watch For

  • Baby begins eating solid food.
  • Baby sits upright unassisted.
  • Baby may attempt to crawl, roll, or scoot to get around the room.
  • Baby begins to sleep longer stretches at night and takes shorter naps during the day.
  • Baby vocalizes constantly, babbling and laughing at the world around her.

How To Help Your Baby

  • Motivate your baby to crawl by putting yourself or a favorite toy just out of your baby's reach.
  • Read to your child as much as possible, talking about the story and the pictures in the book. This lays a foundation for language development, builds appreciation for books, and gives you an opportunity to spend quality time with your child.
  • Introduce toys that promote hand-eye coordination, such as blocks or stacking cups. It takes time for babies to become develop these skills, so the sooner you introduce them, the better.

Common Concerns - Crawling

Babies at this age do whatever they can to develop their mobility. Some may crawl, while others may army crawl on their bellies. Some infants may roll to where they want to go or scoot on their bottoms. Each one of these forms of mobility helps your baby at 6 months old gain strength and the freedom to further explore his world. Give him as much opportunity as you can to gain strength through different activities. Most importantly, try not to worry. Crawling is a skill that varies greatly from baby to baby. Some babies crawl at six months old, others start at ten months. Some infants even skip crawling entirely, moving straight on to walking. No matter when your little one starts, a crawling baby changes life as you know it forever.

New Parent Help: "Why won't my six month old eat solids?"

It can be frustrating when your child rejects every bit of food you put in front of her or try to spoon into her mouth. Just like most things related to your baby's development, all babies are different. There are babies who take to eating right away and never look back, and those who show no interest in solid food for a long time. They key is to keep offering your baby different types of food. Be patient and try not to let it upset you. Breast milk and formula are still the ideal primary source of nutrition until 12 months. Look at the introduction of solids as practice for when they are eating solids full-time and getting all of their nutrition from the food they eat.

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