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Your Baby at 5 Months Old

Month To Month Baby Development


During month five, you start to really see your baby interact! She is reacting to your voice by looking for you or laughing at what you say. Your child is also starting to gain strength, rolling and grabbing at objects. This is also the month where most babies start to put everything in their mouth. They are really keeping you on your toes now!

Baby Development Milestones To Watch For

  • Baby now laughs when you make funny faces or sounds.
  • Baby puts toys or other objects into his mouth.
  • Baby turns his head to follow your voice.
  • Baby rolls from belly to back and/or back to belly.
  • Baby begins to play games with you by dropping toys and having you pick them up.

How To Help Your Baby

  • Help teach your baby to pass an object from one hand to the other by placing a toy into one hand, then the other.
  • Help build your infant's strength by helping him stand. Support him under the arms and allow him to kick and put weight on his legs.
  • Play interactive games such as peek-a-boo with your baby. Infants love repetitive games and learn about object permanence (something hidden is not gone forever) at the same time.
  • Babies love toys that they can roll, push, pull, or throw, especially those that pop back up. These toys provide mental and physical stimulation too!

Common Concerns - Objects In The Mouth

It can be a little unnerving when your infant starts to put everything into her mouth. Try not to worry, as this is normal behavior for a baby at 5 months old. At this age, babies explore the world with their mouths. At this point, a baby's mouth contains more nerve endings compared to the rest of his body, so this kind of exploration allows them to begin to understand what an object feels like. Of course, it is important to be sure that what your child is putting into his mouth is clean and not a choking hazard. Now is a good time to begin baby proofing your home to prepare for the months to come.

New Parent Help: "Why does my baby cry when anyone except my husband or I holds her?"

It is normal for many babies to begin to experience stranger anxiety and, month to month, these feelings may begin to increase. Your little one may become clingy or cry when anyone other than those closest to him try to interact. Try to socialize him as best you can, exposing him to as many types of people, situations, and places that you can. This allows your child to learn about himself and the world around him. This builds baby's confidence, and helps him to feel more calm and comfortable in different environments.

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