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Your Baby at 10 Months Old

Month To Month Baby Development


At 10 months your baby is busy changing and learning new skills every day. Here's what you can likely expect in this stage of month-to-month baby development.

Your Baby Month-by-Month: Playing with Food

If you were taught that you shouldn't play with your food, this stage of baby month-by-month development may be hard to handle. However, babies should play with their food. It's an ideal way to experiment with their personal tastes, as well as an excellent way to discover what food feels like. However, it is possible to teach your little one the beginning of table manners, such as to not throw food or to try to use a spoon.

Your Month-to-Month Baby: 10 Months

There are a few things you can do to help your baby's month-by-month development.

  • Give your baby learning toys that will help her learn about letters, colors, shapes, and numbers.
  • Try to teach your baby concepts like taking turns and sharing. When you read to her or play games with her, show her how to share and take turns. She won't get it yet, but just introducing the concepts can help as she grows older.
  • Pretend play is just starting with your baby at 10 months. Many babies love to play with toy kitchens, including toy pots, pans, and food.

Troubleshooting Your Baby at 10 Months

Around 10 months, it's not uncommon for babies to become picky or resistant to trying certain foods, even if they've happily eaten them before. However, most kids go through a stage like this and then outgrow it all on their own. Keep offering healthy foods to your baby and don't force her to eat if she doesn't want to. Let her feed herself and play with her food so she can learn what she likes and doesn't like.

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