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Baby Development by Month


Babies are expected to hit certain milestones as they age. Reaching these important developments means they are healthy and growing as they should be. Many parents enjoy knowing these particular goals so they can judge for themselves just how well their little tots are doing.

There are many different milestones to reach for, like smiling and babbling at age two months. You can encourage further development by giving your kiddo tummy time as this helps babies learn how to lift their head and gain motor skills in the next few months. 

Five-month-olds should be very interactive, following your face as you walk around the house and mouthing everything they come into contact with! They'll also be able to roll from their back to their belly, and will laugh and try making fun sounds besides the vowels they've been cooing for months. You can help your little one stand by offering your hands and lifting the baby to his or her feet. This is the time to play lots of peek-a-boo, which promotes the understanding of object permanence. Make sure your home is childproofed so there's nothing within reach that might not be great for your baby to mouth.

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