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10 Winter Activities to Do with Your Baby


Are you ready for winter to be over already? It can be difficult to make a day interesting when things like the park, playground, and even a yard are out.

To help you pass (and enjoy!) the time, we've come up with some great winter activities for you and your little one to cozily share.

1. Make a Sensory Play Area

Young baby boy playing in his playpen doing tummy time

Get baby situated in his high chair or other area where you can safely make a mess, and enjoy some sensory exploration. Let him play with flour and cornmeal. Talk to him about how soft the flour is, and how coarse the corn meal feels. Then, add some water to the mix. Let the flour get all goopy and messy. Then, add a drop of food coloring to see what happens next! Of course you'll need to run a bath afterward, but that's another place for some indoor fun.

2. Have a Bubble Bath or a "Swim" in the Tub

Baby boy laughing in his bubble filled bath

Bathtubs don't need to be just for boring old baths. Mix up some bubble bath in the tub and bring a bottle of bubbles in with you to create a magical bubble room for you and baby. If you're not up for bubbles, put your swim suits on and bring in a few toys to play with, instead. Pretend it's August and you're soaking up some sun at the beach. For bonus fun, if your baby is old enough, get some moon sand and build a sand castle, too.

3. Give an Old Song a New Twist

mother, adopted baby african descent multi-ethnic daughter playing piano

Create a new dance or activity that works with an old standard. For example, instead of making your fingers an itsy-bitsy spider in front of you, make the itsy-bitsy spider climb up your baby's body. The "spider" can climb up to baby's head, then as the rain comes down, make soft rain-tickles back down to baby's toes. After the sun comes out and dries up all the rain, your spider-fingers can climb back up baby again.

4. Go for a Mall Walk

Woman with her baby in a shopping mall

If you can't take another minute inside the house, pack baby up and head to the mall. You don't have to buy anything to enjoy some time at the mall. Explore the sights and sounds, walk around, and even spend some time in the play area if your mall offers one. Just be sure to bring hand sanitizer with you and steer clear of anyone with a loud cough or obviously runny nose or eyes.

5. Start a Band

Baby banging on pots with wooden spoon

Let baby break into the pots and pans to discover new noises. Try clanging pot lids together, or see the different sounds you can make if you use a wooden, metal, or plastic spoon on the pot. If you have a Tupperware container and some extra rice or dry beans, make some maracas to join along.

6. Chase a Ball

Playing with colored balls

Help your baby work on her crawling, and hand-eye coordination. Roll a ball on the floor and encourage her to grab it and try to roll it back. For more fun you could try making a tunnel or maze out of pillows and cushions to see where the ball ends up and how easily she can navigate new paths.

7. Build a Pillow Fort

a baby sitting in a tent

Grab some chairs, pillows, and a sheet or two—pillow forts are fun and exciting for everyone. Bring some books and a favorite blanket inside. A fort nap might be just the thing for both of you.

8. Go to the Library

a baby looking at books in a library

Libraries are magical places. Most libraries will have a children's section with toys, coloring sheets, and special displays—which makes them extra fun. You should also ask your librarian when they have story time and other age-appropriate events. Don't forget to pick a few books to enjoy at home—not only will you get some new stories to share, but it gives you a reason to go back again (and again).

9. Have a Tea Party

a baby having tea with her teddy

Routines can get boring, especially when the weather keeps you from going outside. Instead of having a typical lunch, have a tea party. Dress up in funny or fancy clothes, wear hats, cut all of the food into fun shapes and serve them on trays. Be sure to invite a few stuffed friends to round out the crowd. If baby isn't eating solid food yet, you can still enjoy a tea party before nursing or giving a bottle.

10. Take a Class or Join a Play Group

four babies hanging out

If you live in an area where it isn't too difficult to get out and about during the winter, sign up for a class. Check with your local hospital, library, and/or YMCA to see what classes are being offered. Infant massage, Mommy and Me, yoga, music, and dance classes are all great options. If a class is too much commitment, inquire about any play groups that are being run. The social time is good for both of you, and will help to get rid of some of those winter blues.

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