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10 Valentine's Gifts for Dad from Baby


Make your honey's Valentine's Day sweeter with a gift to dad "from" baby. We've got some creative ideas to get you started, from handmade to kind of fancy.

1. Chocolate

a box of chocolates

If you're looking for an easy gift for Valentine's Day, you can't beat chocolate. It's kind of a no-brainer, but most dads would be very pleased to get their favorite chocolate from their favorite little one.

2. Cherub Photos

a baby cherub photo

Professional photos or prints from a DIY shoot will warm Daddy's heart. Pick a Valentine's Day theme of dressing baby like Cupid, or let your little cutie chew on a stuffed heart while she wears red and pink. Either way, a framed photo is always a great gift for baby to give her favorite guy.

3. Dad's Favorite Kids' Movie

a family eating popcorn while watching a film

This one will take some research if you don't already know Dad's all-time favorite (kid-appropriate) movie. Bring back fond memories and start new traditions by helping Dad to share the movie he loved the most when he was little with the little one he loves the most.

4. Breakfast in Bed

a family having breakfast in bed

Sometimes the best way to tell Dad, "I love you," is to let him sleep in. Depending on how old your child is, let him help mix some muffins or crack some eggs. Your kiddo will be proud to give his dad a healthy start to the day, and Dad will enjoy some relaxation and sorely needed pampering.

5. A Straight Shave

a man receiving a shave from a barber

Men don't usually go to the salon to have their hair and nails done, so that kind of pampering isn't typically on the table. We're in the midst of a shaving renaissance right now, so a manly trip to the barber for a straight shave might be just the thing this Valentine's Day. Straight shaves involve lots of warm towels and special conditioners to make daddy feel relaxed and smooth.

6. A Fitbit

a man wearing a fitbit

What dad doesn't like a new piece of technology? Fitbits are the easy way to track activity and sleep patterns, helping to keep the man of the house in top shape. Baby wants her daddy to be around for as long as possible, so a Fitbit is an investment in their future together.

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7. Bacon of the Month Club

crispy bacon rashes

On the other hand, bacon makes everything better, including Valentine's Day. Baby can give his daddy  3, 6, or 12 months of scheduled bacon deliveries with a subscription to a Bacon of the Month Club. If bacon isn't your speed, have baby choose a monthly hot sauce, jerky, popcorn, bagels, salsa, or other delivery plan.

8. Heart Artwork

mom and baby doing crafts together

Get creative and even a little messy. Use baby's hands or feet to make a heart pattern on a large piece of paper, or help baby draw hearts with finger paint. If you're not the creative type, spend some time searching Pinterest for inspiration. Sometimes the simplest gifts are the most treasured.

9. An I.D. Bracelet

an id bracelet

Jewelry on Valentine's Day isn't just for women anymore. What could be sweeter than having baby present your husband with a bracelet that shows the world whose daddy he is? Stores like Things Remembered offer a selection of engravable bracelets, so check them out and have baby pick the perfect one for dad.

10. A Handmade Card

a homemade valentines card

Help baby show daddy how much she loves him by helping her create a special card just for him. If your little one is old enough to speak, try having her help you write the card by asking her to fill in the blanks Mad Libs style, or by having her list some favorite things about her daddy. A handmade card from his favorite little girl will be treasured for a lifetime.

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