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Baby Activities

a little boy playing with a toy plane

Babies do much more than just sleep and eat, yet it can be difficult for moms to think up new and exciting things to do with their newborns. The key is to think outside the box and include activities that are also fun for mothers and fathers.

Use the house to entertain your baby. The world is a fascinating place for newborns, so why not start with making their environment familiar to them. Go from room to room, looking at framed artwork and photos and pay attention to items that catch your little one's eye. Don't be afraid to talk to your child throughout the day. He or she will love hearing the sound of mom's voice.

Listening to music, singing and reading books are also relaxing activities for moms and their children. Is there a big holiday, birthday or anniversary coming up? Make the most of Halloween by having a newborn fashion show to choose a costume or give dad a valentine with your child's handprint on it. These occasions are perfect for creating moments moms will never forget.

Of course, the activities parents can do with their children vary depending on the season. Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean babies have to stay cooped up! Moms could drive their newborns around to see the Christmas lights. Not only will the colors entertain the baby, but the motion may help children fall asleep that much easier.

Learn more about fun activities to do with your newborn, no matter what the weather or time of the year.