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All About Diapering


Every baby needs diapers, but parents have a decision to make: cloth or disposable? There are pros and cons to each method of diapering: Choose cloth diapers for an eco-friendly (and budget-friendly) option or because they come in cute patterns. Or, go with disposables because they're simpler and convenient, cost less upfront and can be a little less messy.

Cloth diapering has grown in popularity over the past few years, and there are more cloth diaper options for it than you may imagine.

There's the traditional pre-fold diapers that your grandmother likely remembers - cloth rectangles secured with safety pins. While these are ideal for travel since they're so easy to pack, there are plenty of other choices out there.

Fitted diapers are another option. They are shaped to fit your baby nicely, but will require a waterproof cover.

Pocket diapers have a waterproof outer shell and a washable, reusable insert. When it's time to change your little guy, simple swap out the insert for a new one - unless the shell is soiled, in which case, reach for a clean one of those, too.

Hybrid diapers are similar to pocket diapers, but you have the option of disposable or reusable inserts.
All-in-one diapers don't require special liners or shells - they're absorbent and waterproof all on their own. Plus, they have Velcro or snaps to secure the diaper in place.

Regardless of which type of cloth or disposable diaper you go with, it's important you have the additional supplies you'll need: a diaper pail, baby wipes and a diaper cream that doesn't damage the diaper.

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