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Most Popular Baby Girl Names of 2010

Looking for inspiration for a girl's name? Check out the most popular girls names of 2010


Over the course of a full calendar year, there are baby names that become increasingly popular. After the year is complete, researchers compile names from all areas of the country. With that information comes the ranking of the top baby names for both boys and girls. Lots of parents that are expecting use these lists as inspiration for what names to choose (or avoid) for their own sons and daughters.

Unlike fashion, baby names don’t go out of style. Regardless of what year it is, you have the freedom to choose whatever name you’d like for your newborn baby. If your family is expecting a little one, here are some of the top boy names of 2014 and some naming techniques you can consider:

The top three names

In the U.S., the top three names for boys were Noah, Liam and Mason. This was the second year in a row for the name Noah to take the No. 1 slot, after breaking a 54-year string of Jacob and Mark on top, according to NPR. Research has shown that pop culture plays a big role in parents’ decisions when it comes to naming their newborn.

The name Noah is quite well-known in both biblical scripture and entertainment. For instance, it was the lead character of the popular novel by Nicholas Sparks “The Notebook,” which was eventually made into a movie. The film came out in 2004 and quickly became a classic that the people who grew up watching it are now starting families, and as a result, adopted this name. If you and your partner are expecting a baby, look to characters in various forms of entertainment from over the years for inspiration.

A Southern spin

In 2015, many boy names on the list roundup had a Southern influence to them. For instance, names like Jackson, Vernon and Jefferson all made high percentage leaps from 2013, according to BabyCenter. These baby names are timeless and have quite the ring to them. If you want to name your baby boy with a similar influence, you can try the name Atticus from the American novel, “To Kill A Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. Hey, even Harper and Lee are great choices for your little man!

Tradition never gets old

Even though more parents have been experimenting with innovative names for their newborns, there’s still something to be said for tradition. In 2014, names like Matthew, James, Daniel and Joseph still made the top 20 for baby boys. There’s a reason why these names are consistent; they undeniably age well. If you want to name your baby something classic but don’t want to snatch a name from the popular list, there are other ways to find something great. Try looking through old yearbooks from your high school days. That way, you can come across some names you loved but slipped from your memory over time. Who knows, you may even run into a person whose name you choose at a reunion down the road. It’ll make for a great anecdote.

Last names

In 2014, lots of popular boy names were used as surnames, too, like Harvey, Harrison or Blake – three that made Bounty’s top 50 list. Many modern couples are deviating from the custom of the woman taking the man’s last name and coming up with alternative solutions. For instance, some parents use the woman’s last name for their baby’s first name. You’d be surprised how many surnames are applicable, from Smith to Brady to Anderson. Consider this technique when naming your baby boy.

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