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Top Baby Names by Year

Get some baby name inspiration from the past by searching top names by year


Look to the past to re-invent the future!

Ok that might be a bit over the top but you get the theme..we have gathered some baby name inspiration by checking out the most popular boys names and top girls names from the past years, who knows what year might unveil the perfect baby name you are looking for!

Girls Names

Top Girls Names 2019

Top Girls Names 2018

Top Girls Names 2017

Top Girls Names 2016

Top Girls Names 2015

Top Girls Names 2014

Top Girls Names 2013

Top Girls Names 2012

Top Girls Names 2011

Top Girls Names 2010

Boys Names

Top Boys Names 2019

Top Boys Names 2018

Top Boys Names 2017

Top Boys Names 2016

Top Boys Names 2015

Top Boys Names 2014

Top Boys Names 2013

Top Boys Names 2012

Top Boys Names 2011

Top Boys Names 2010

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