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Hottest Baby Name Trends in 2019


Psalm, Archie, Birdie, Alexa, Siri, Stormi…these are just a few of the unique names that are beginning to grow in popularity this year. Selecting the perfect baby name can be a challenge for new parents, but if you know how other parents are coming up with their names, you might just get a few ideas of your own.

Are you looking for a more “common name”? The social security administration releases a list of the top ten most popular baby names of the previous year, and that’s a great place to start. 

Here’s the top baby names that made the list for 2018:

Boy Names

Girl Names

Trendy Gender Neutral Names​

Millennial parents are always looking for ways to do things differently. Baby names are no exception and they are moving towards using gender neutral names heavily. Some of the popular “gender neutral” names that are growing in popularity include:

Names inspired by nature

Nature has also provided many new parents with name inspiration recently. Names of gemstones, flowers, colors, and animals are showing up on birth certificates more and more. You may be seeing babies with names, such as:

Names inspired by TV shows

If you are a fan of “Game of Thrones” or “This is Us”, you won’t be surprised to find out that there are a few names from these shows that made the cut on several new parents baby name lists. Jack, Milo, Aria, Emilia, and Khaleesi, for example, will be filling kindergarten classrooms in a few years.

advertisements promoting tv show game of thrones, showing characters who are now creating trends in baby names

It’s important to many new parents have names that have meaning behind them. Parents are getting their inspiration for unique and meaningful names from diverse origins such as ancient Greece, Native American names, Korean names, and Israeli names are gaining in popularity in the United States. Jedda, Kiran, Lior, Sena, and Walken are a few names that you can see gaining traction.

Tips for picking a baby name

If you aren’t feeling inspired yet, and you are still stuck for name ideas, here’s a few tips and reminders to help you find the perfect “fit” for your little one: 

  • There are no perfect baby names and someone will always have a criticism! It's best if you accept that now, before you get too far into the process. There isn't a name in existence that everyone will agree on. While you search for a name, keep a running list of all your ideas, even if you get negative feedback on them. Don’t toss any names out of the running just because someone doesn’t like them. 
  • If both mom and dad are having trouble coming to an agreement on a name - both can bring a list to the “table” to discuss. Make a compromise to pick one name from each list (first and middle). It may even be fun to see if you both can come up with a name for every letter of the alphabet.
  • Use baby name websites and books. Baby name books may seem a bit outdated, but there are names in books that you won’t find on the web, and the web has several ideas baby name books don’t contain. There is something about thumbing through a book, making notes, and dog earring pages that causes a person to notice things they wouldn’t on a web page. You don't want to miss a name you will love so use both resources!  
  • After you have decided on the name, keep it to yourself. It sounds a bit harsh - but it's much harder for someone to comment on how they “hate" the name if you “introduce” them to the baby after they are born rather then tell them the name you hope to give the baby. 
  • Keep a journal of the process you went through to find the perfect name. This will make a great keepsake for you to read to your child one day. Knowing how you determined their name will give them a greater appreciation for it and make them feel special!
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