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10 Cute Trendy Girl Names

Discover these cute girl names and nicknames


Lucky for us, there are many beautiful female names with cute nicknames. Think of it as getting two for one. Read on to see 10 cute girl nicknames (and the lovely longer names from which they stem).

Besides the desire for brevity in an attention-challenged world, the reasons for wanting a name with an obvious nickname are plentiful and personal. Maybe the name you love is gorgeous but a little mature for a tiny baby or little girl, so a cute nickname is a must until she “grows into” her given name. You might have a family name to use, but you’re not totally fond of it (yet). In that case using a nickname might satisfy all parties. Or it’s possible you like the idea of your daughter having a couple of choices for when she gets older and has a say in what she’d like to be called. Some nickname-friendly names are like mullets: serious in the full name, party in the shortened version. How fun to have multiple identities built right into your birth certificate!

If you're set on finding a name that just begs to be shortened, it’s time to hit the lists and find your cute girl nickname. We love the 10 names on this list, both for their sweet abbreviations and the more formal name they're derived from. Of course these nicknames could also work nicely as given names, it’s up to you!

10 Cute Girls Names and Nicknames

  1. Cece (Cecelia or Celicia)
  2. Dot (Dorothy)
  3. Junie (Juniper)
  4. Mimi (Emilia)
  5. Brin (Brinley)
  6. Izzy (Isabella)
  7. Edie (Edith)
  8. Cate or Rina (Caterina)
  9. Etta (Henrietta)
  10. Cass (Cassandra)

Are you a fan of nicknames? What’s your favorite on this list? Also check out our current top 100 girls names for the year.

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