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10 Cute Trendy Boy Names

Discover these cute boy names and nicknames


When you’re looking for a baby boy name, it’s important to consider the potential cute boy nicknames you could use with each pick. There’s something about little boys and nicknames that go hand in hand. Maybe it’s because most formal names just seem way too serious and grown-up for their rambunctious, playful tiny selves. Some parents dislike nicknames and insist on calling their Michaels, Thomases, and Jacksons by their complete names from birth. But we love names that have the option of a cute nickname.

Of course as boys get older, their friends usually dub them something completely different that’s often based on their last name. You can’t do anything about the nicknames your little will receive from friends. But you can pick a strong, sophisticated, stylish name that your boy will be proud to use in any scenario, which also happens to have a fun nickname built right in. The truth is, we think a lot of these nicknames are way cuter than the originals!

Here are 10 cute boy nicknames and the equally awesome (if not as adorable) names they stem from.

1. Cam

(Cameron, Campbell, Camden)

Do you immediately think of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, or does it bring up the NFL’s Carolina Panthers? From a neurotic but lovable fictional Cam or a superstar quarterback Cam, the name has range.

2. Hux


Little Hux! Come on, that is adorable.

3. Gus

(Agustin, Augustine, Augustus)

Gus is a super friendly name and much less intimidating than the robust names that birthed it.

4. Cal

(Caleb, Callum)

Is it possible to be called Cal and not be totally poised? It’s such a strong yet accessible name.

5. Zeph


Love Joseph, not so crazy about Joe or Joey? Enter cool kid Zeph.

6. Memo


Guillermo is the Spanish version of the Germanic-based William, and Memo is its cutie nickname!

7. Leo

(Leonardo, Leon, Leonard)

This nickname is a given name in its own right, and it’s actually far more popular than any of these longer versions.

8. Thad


Here’s a case where the nickname might be more mature than the given name. Both sound smart as it gets!

9. Gid


Why say three syllables when you can get by with one?

10. Ollie


We’re sure there are plenty of parents who never shorten the name of their baby Oliver, but those who do have fun with it.

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