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Vintage Baby Names Making a Comeback


When new parents find out they're having a baby, there's a lot that goes through their minds. Perhaps one of the biggest questions they ask themselves: "What should our baby name be?" From old favorites to fresh, new ideas, baby names are a fun topic for parents who haven't had children before. However, with an endless supply of choices, it can be tough for parents to narrow their list down to just a few they love.

If you're considering what you want to name your new son or daughter, you may want to look into the top 100 baby names that were also popular decades ago. These names that are making a comeback have an elegant and vintage sound that some parents adore. Interested in the comeback baby name idea? Read on to learn more.

Taking names from old to new

When baby names are just beginning to become trendy after years of being out of style, they're often ones that remind us of the older men and women in our lives. For example, names like Alice and Oscar, which are regaining popularity nowadays, were also common when your grandparents and great-grandparents were young. In this way, bringing names back into popularity is kind of like giving them new life and appropriating them for a whole new generation. For many parents, this idea is poetic and the perfect way to pay homage to an older family member.

Finding inspiration in pop culture

Many vintage baby names that see a resurgence in popularity can be credited to movies, TV shows and literature. For example, the "Twilight" series, which has provided inspiration for thousands of parents naming their children, uses olden-day names like Edward, Alice and Jasper, all of which skyrocketed in popularity after the books and movies were released. Many parents also find inspiration in television shows and movies that are set in a past era. For lovers of "The Great Gatsby," Daisy and Jay are great baby name options. For those who faithfully watched "Mad Men," vintage names like Peggy, Betty and Joan have become popular girls names once again.

Are comeback baby names right for you?

When deciding what to name your new son or daughter, it's important to choose a name you love, and classic names that were once popular are a great place to look. They carry a timeless and polished charm that you may end up loving. If you're looking for something fresh and unique, though, you may want to opt for more modern names - in the end, the choice is completely yours. Here are a few baby names making a comeback to get your creativity flowing:

When looking for vintage baby names that are regaining popularity, remember that you can always change up the spelling or gender to make the name more modern. Updating a name can make it a more meaningful choice for you and the rest of your family.

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