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Baby Names Inspired by Royalty


You've seen sonogram pictures. You've started nesting. You've even considered opening a college savings account. These are all important moments during pregnancy, but there's one more thing that can make expecting even more exciting: Deciding what your son or daughter's name is going to be.

From kings and queens to princes and princesses, royalty from all over the world has long been an inspiration for naming babies. Why? More often than not, royalty baby names are timeless and tasteful, perfect for parents looking for something a bit more traditional. If that sounds like you, read on for some of the top baby names inspired by royalty.

The royal family

Princess Charlotte and Prince George, the children of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are two of the most famous babies in the world. So, it makes sense that people everywhere would be inspired to name their sons and daughters after these new royal family members. Even if you aren't interested in those particular names, England's royal family is a wonderful place to start brainstorming ideas that are elegant and regal. For boys, Charles, William and Harry are masculine options, while parents who are expecting girls can go with Elizabeth or Katherine to pay homage to the royal women in the family. Another possible name for a girl? Diana, inspired by the beloved late mother of Princes William and Harry.

Royalty-inspired baby names for boys

It's not just the current British monarchy that provides inspiration for baby names, though. From historic rulers of England to kings and princes from all over the world, you have a multitude of options. Name your son Henry or Richard after historic British kings, or opt for Frederik, Felipe or Pierre, all of whom are currently European royalty.

Royalty-inspired baby names for girls

For an expected daughter, there's no shortage of impressive and elegant royal women throughout history to use as namesakes. Anne, Mary and Victoria are three classic queenly choices. Or, for something a bit more unique, go for Cleo (after Cleopatra) or Anastasia. Some of the most popular baby names inspired by royalty include Isabella, Catherine, Alexandra and Sophie.

Fictional royalty

Who ever said you had to be inspired by real men and women? Fairy tales, children's books and other fictional works contain a vast array of royal characters, so let your favorite imaginary rulers spark some ideas. Name your daughter or son after classic Disney princes and princesses, with names like Jasmine, Elsa, Philip, Naveen or Eric. Or, choose names from classical fictional royalty, including Fitzwilliam (after Mr. Darcy from "Pride and Prejudice") or Arthur, the heroic king of Camelot.

Make it your own

Royalty baby names are typically classic and ageless. If you want, change the spelling of the name or adjust the word to make the moniker a bit more your own. You could even take inspiration from royals with the opposite gender of your child: Charles is an interesting and modern name for a baby girl, for example.

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