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Baby Name Tips


Choosing a name is one of the most exciting things about getting ready for a new baby. But it’s not exactly easy! Unless (or even) if you’re one of those moms who’s had names picked out since junior high, you’re still going to want to put some thought into it. Plenty of parents have baby name regret; head it off by making sure you’re choosing the perfect baby name.

Selecting a name for your little might seem straightforward, but there are some things you should definitely consider. For example, does the name you’re eyeing have any negative childhood associations for your partner? Definitely one to rule out if so. Trust us, you’re going to want to take these Do’s and Don’t of Baby Naming to heart.

Some parents like the sound of rhyming names, but our name expert consules to choose names that rhyme with your last name with care, lest it all gets too singsongy. Speaking of that, have you considered what your baby’s last name will be? While traditionally kids receive their father’s surname, parents today have the freedom to get creative with last names. Establishing what your baby’s last name will be is must-do before you start your name list. 

Where do you stand on nicknames? Some parents are adamant that their kiddo be called their given name. If you’re of this mindset, that might figure into the name you choose and how you spell it. 

You see, there are quite a few things to consider before you settle on a name! Given all this, do those names from junior high still measure up? If by some miracle they do, it’s on to the greatest name consideration of all: does your partner love it as much as you do? Hope so... Good luck on your baby name journey!

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