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A Guide to Potty Training Gear


Potty training is a true milestone, not just for your little one, but for you as well! This process will definitely take some patience, and it's really important that you have everything your child will need to help her transition. Frustrations - and messes - will happen, but putting together the right potty training products in your toolkit can really go a long way.

Here are a few items to consider when it comes time for potty training:

A potty chair or seat reducer

mickey mouse potty

There are many standalone potty chairs on the market today - from simplistic options to chairs that include music, lights and little places to tuck away wipes and other items. As Parents contributor Kate Bayless pointed out, a smaller, colorful potty chair is important for your little learner, and can be much less intimidating than the full-size toilet.

Another option here is a seat reduce: a smaller and usually less expensive item than a potty chair. A seat reducer is just what it sounds like, and sits on top of the regular toilet seat. Many seat reducers are padded and include colorful patterns to appeal to your toddler, and most include handles for simple removal and storage.

Toilet paper and wipes

These are a must-have, and flushable wipes can be particularly helpful during training. Your child is likely most familiar with traditional baby wipes, so a flushable version can be good for the transition.

Training underwear

4 Pack Potty Training Pants

Training undies are a good potty training product for in between diapers and cloth underwear, and most styles have colorful patterns or familiar characters to help little ones get excited about potty training. It can be helpful to take your toddler to the store and let them pick out their own undies. There are also different options for color-changing underwear and styles for night time and day time.

Elastic-waist bottoms

Now is the time for easy-up, easy-down pants and shorts that can help your little one avoid accidents. Skip pants with drawstrings or zippers, at least until your child is closer to his potty training goal.

Step stool

potty training stool

Choose a small plastic or wooden stool that has slip-resistant pads on the feet to make sure your little one can reach the sink when it's time to wash his hands. If you choose to use a seat reducer as your go-to potty training product, a stool will also come in particularly handy.

Hand soap

Potty training also means you'll be teaching your toddler some good hygiene habits, including hand washing. Consider using foaming soap as opposed to regular bar or liquid soap as it's easier to use, and your toddler will like the bubbles. There are even recipes available to make your own inexpensive foaming soap at home!


As we talked about earlier, potty training is a process, and it will require time and patience from both you and your toddler. Using a progress chart and even small rewards like all-natural fruit snacks or stickers can help motivate your child and keep him on track. Accidents will happen, but your patience with your little one during this time will go a long way toward potty training success.

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