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Hospital Professionals

Yet another reason families will love their birth experience with your hospital.

If you are a healthcare professional and are interested in bringing Mom365 Photography to your hospital, contact us here.

Hospital Professionals

At Mom365, we’re creating ways to bond with moms and babies from the very beginning…giving families wonderful memories of their birth experience at your hospital. 

Here’s what we’re offering right now -

  • Customized in-hospital photography program that’s a perfect fit for your hospital and your new families.
  • Gorgeous newborn portraits taken by experienced photographers.  Private, professional and free!
  • A wide array of adorable portrait packages, birth announcements and keepsakes featuring baby’s first professional portrait
  • Our exclusive FREE Baby Portrait Page available to all of your moms – a simple, secure way for families to share the joy and let everybody “meet the baby” 
  • A dedicated staff of experienced sales and support representatives throughout the U.S. 

Find out more about the Baby Portrait Page

Everyone at your hospital will love being part of a program that’s valuable, upbeat and fun for new families. If you’re a healthcare professional who’s interested in offering a free Baby Portrait Page to your new moms, please contact us today.

What is Baby Portrait Page?

Mom365 Baby Portrait Page is Baby's own Web page! Baby Portrait Page is a fun and fast way for new parents to share the news of Baby’s birth with friends and family near and far. Mom365 creates a Web page especially for the newborn that includes Baby's photo and birth information. We have updated our Baby Portrait Page, offering many new features and options to help parents celebrate baby’sarrival. Parents can now:

  • Add a personal greeting to welcome family and friends to the site
  • Place a caption under Baby's first official portrait
  • Receive personal messages from family and friends
  • Remove and display messages from visitors to the baby's page
  • Add siblings, doctor’s name or other information to the page
  • Update Baby's name (i.e. James to Jimmy) or edit other information
  • Use's convenient features to send an e-mail Baby Bugle announcement at birth

The new Baby Portrait Page also offers many new advantages to hospitals that will set you apart with exciting new services. As a participating hospital, you now have multiple options available to you for tailoring Baby Portrait Page to meet the specific goals and needs of your hospital. Call or e-mail us to learn about how you can offer your hospital’s Baby Portrait Page via, or use our technology to build Baby Portrait Page functionality into your own hospital Web site.

Your patients will be able to share their precious newborn portraits using Mom365's user-friendly design, innovative site functionality, turnkey set up, and responsive customer service. This helps your staff concentrate on what they do best: care for patients.

What are the advantages of Baby Portrait Page?

  • Free service to hospitals
  • Free Baby Portrait Page for parents
  • Ongoing site enhancements and new features
  • Excellent community public relations
  • Advanced technology support
  • Program marketing support on-site
  • Advanced technology applications at hospital
  • Revenue sharing with hospitals – how does this happen from the BPP?
  • Trained, experienced customer service
  • Increased Web traffic to hospital's site
  • Web hosting and maintenance for Baby Portrait Page features

Frequently Asked Questions about Baby Portrait Page?

Click on a question below to see the answer.

What does Baby Portrait Page cost?

Can the Baby Portrait Page pages be customized to look like our hospital’s Web site?

Does Baby Portrait Page require that my hospital have digital equipment?

Are baby photos and information secure?

When are baby photos posted?

How do we present the Baby Portrait Page service on the hospital's Web site?

What does Baby Portrait Page cost?

The Mom365 Baby Portrait Page is free to hospitals and parents. We see this as a way to add even more value to the birth experience in your hospital and for your patients. Mom365 has recently made significant investments in technical infrastructure, design and site development to deliver this program to you as a high quality, turnkey offering to your patients.

Can Baby Portrait Page be customized to look like your hospital’s Web site?

We have a variety of ways we can customize the Baby Portrait Page experience to look and feel like "a part of your site." Contactus today (shouldn’t this be a hotlink?), and we'll explain the options for bringing the Baby Portrait Page technology into your hospital Web page.

Does Baby Portrait Page require that my hospital have digital equipment?

We have designed ways for all of our partner hospitals to offer Baby Portrait Page regardless of the camera system currently in place. We will be providing new fully digital systems in the near future. Our newest system is in testing and will roll out across our partner hospital network.

Are baby photos and information secure?

Protecting customer privacy and personal information is a top priority. We have taken careful measures to secure both family personal information and the physical locations of our servers. We exercise great care in providing secure transmission of information from your Web browser to our servers, using encryption and other state-of-the-art technology. All Internet transactions via Mom365 are private. Further, we never reveal babies' last names or other personal identifying information. Parents have the option and tools on Mom365's Baby Portrait Page to password protect their baby's page.

When are baby photos posted?

Where digital equipment is in place we post photos to Baby Portrait Page within 48 hours of the baby’s image being capture. If we capture the baby's image day two, the posting may be 72 hours after birth. For hospitals with film-based cameras, we rely on the mail to get the film to our processing center which can take three to five days. We are continually working to improve this turnaround time.

How do we present the Baby Portrait Page service on the hospital’s Web site?

We will provide you with a Baby Portrait Page graphic to insert on your Hospital's home page with a link directly to your hospital's area on Mom365's Baby Portrait Page. By launching a new browser, site visitors will not lose your hospital's page when viewing the Baby Portrait Page on Alternatively, you can use our technology to build Baby Portrait Page functionality right into your own hospital’s Web site.

If you are a healthcare professional and are interested in bringing Mom365 Photography to your hospital, contact us here.

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