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    Make sure

        Slats are no more than 2 3/8 inches apart (about three finger widths) so Baby’s head can’t get stuck between them.
        No slats are missing or cracked.
        You can’t put more than two fingers between the edge of the mattress and the side of the crib - babies' heads can get caught in the gap.
        The springs are securely attached to the crib head and footboards.
        If there are cutouts in the head or footboards, they’re very small, so Baby’s head can't fit through.
        The latch(es) that lower the crib sides can be comfortably opened by adults - and that they stay in position securely.
        No screws or bolts are missing anywhere on the crib - and they’re all tight.
        Cribs don’t have corner posts; Baby’s clothes could get caught on these, posing a hazard.

    Additionally, for drop-side cribs (note: The Consumer Product Safety Commission and major manufacturers have proposed a ban on drop-side cribs for safety reasons. Of particular concern are cribs that have been used for a long time and/or been reassambled.)

         Periodically check all hardware.
         Be sure that crib sides move up and down smoothly.
         Proper assembly of cribs is paramount. Follow the instructions provided and make sure that every part is installed correctly. If you are not sure, call the manufacturer for assistance.

    More than 5 million cribs have been recalled since 2005. See a list of all drop-side cribs recalled since 2005.
    To see an updated list of all children's product recalls, go to the CPSC Web site for photos and descriptions of recalled items.

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