5. So you’ve taken care of baby and yourself, too. But what about at nighttime? We jump through hoops to create good sleep routines for our babies but often neglect them for ourselves. What should moms consider when they address their own bedtime routine, and why is it so important?

    I believe that sleep is the number one key to physical and mental health. It’s so crazy important - beyond even exercise, which I’m also super keen on. Sleep affects you both physically and mentally. If you’re wired and working on a lot of stuff during the day, you have to say “work is finished for the day.” Say it out loud. Set a clear delineation between work time and not-work time. Create a routine where you start your wind down time and putting yourself into sleep mode in a consistent way. I started putting patchouli on my wrists at bedtime, so now the smell has a strong sleep association for me. I also wear a sleeping mask. Babies have their little rituals for soothing themselves to sleep, and we need to borrow a page from them.

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