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    Community Guidelines

    Community Guidelines

    (See also Terms of Service)

    By registering for the Our365 Community, you agree to respect this as a safe and welcoming place where moms come to help each other, find support and trade info and tips. Discussion is fruitful - but please respect each others' differences!
    Members will be warned, and their posts deleted for the following (once warned, members can be suspended from the network if the behavior persists):

    • Posting in a way that is abusive, hateful, discriminatory, threatening or violent. 
    • Posting to promote a business (with the exception of in-home daycare, which can be posted in local metro Mom or State groups).
    • Posting content that is obscene or harmful to minors in any way.
    • Posts urging community members to vote in contests that live out
    The following are grounds for suspension:
    • Private-messaging another member in a way that harasses, threatens, or abuses.
    • Private messaging members with promotional messages.

    How to Use Community Features


    Blogs are where you share your thoughts about your life as a mom with the entire community. Try blogging if you love writing and feel you have something to say. Ideally, you'll add to your blog every week so readers can follow your story; think about a theme for your blog or just post post about your day-to-day adventures and challenges.  (Blogs aren't for asking questions or getting advice - even though you might get advice in the comments other moms leave) Bloggers can link to their own personal blogs and also share their blog posts on their Facebook page or Twitter feed. Posts that promote businesses or commercial activities (or link to sites that do) will be removed.

    We'll be featuring some blogs on the Community home page. If you're hoping to have your blog featured, please don't adjust the fonts - and please do date your post! (Scroll down to select the date.)

    Good example: Melissa's blog


    Discussion Forums are where you find and share tips, ask questions and answer posts by other moms. Check the forum directory and decide which forum to post to or look for help in, or browse the existing posts if you think you can help out.

    Good examples of forum discussion starters: "Breastfeeding woes - baby is biting" in the Breastfeeding forum; "Stretch marks" in the My Body forum; "Homemade baby food?" in the Baby's First Foods forum


    Groups are where you create micro communities around interests, activities, and passions, as well as location (your metro area or state) and birth months (share milestone news and development stories, as well as tips, with moms of babies born the same month as yours). Inside each group, members can leave comments and create and participate in discussions related to the micro community.

    You can create a group if you think enough moms share your interest - just make sure the group doesn't already exist. We'll approve groups that

    If you want to send a message to your whole group, first think about whether this would work better as a post or discussion. Messages might make sense in the case of an event (you want to invite your metro-area moms to a party) or greeting (a birthday wish to your birth month group mommies).

    Good examples of member-created groups: College moms, Scrapbooking moms, Pumping moms

    - Please post discussions related to a group that you're a member of in the group's discussion forum - not in the general forum.