Playing in month 9

    Wear silly hats

    Join your baby in play by putting on funny hats. Allow him to direct the activity. Let him choose a hat for you to wear (you can make one from newspaper or a paper plate - the sillier the better) and then pretend you're a fireman, a baseball player, a princess… whatever fits the hat. Let him chose a hat for himself, too. Wear your silly hats to a tea party in the dining room.

    How it helps the brain grow

    You are your child’s first plaything, and interacting in playful ways is more entertaining for your baby than any toy. Play is a critical part of building a brain. It's spontaneous, and there's no goal - your baby wants to play just because it's fun. And because play is pleasurable, children repeat the actions. This repetition results in patterns of activity in the brain that strengthen the connections between the neurons and help establish patterns of learning.

    The school connection

    Children who play are more creative and better problem solvers, both of which are important in science and math - and life in general.

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