Playing in month 6

    Entertain your baby with “Parentese”

    Access your inner actor with this speaking game. Parentese is a way of talking that uses a higher pitch and slow, long vowel sounds (Loooook at the priiiiity baaaaaby!), and babies find it very entertaining. Get close to to your child - you'll want your face to be 10 to 12 inches away - and as you talk, use exaggerated facial expressions and mouth movements. You’ll notice that your baby will lock her eyes onto your face in intense concentration and will smile at your antics. In fact, if you go back to your normal, flat way of talking, your baby will probably begin to squirm and coo to try and re-engage you.

    How it helps the brain grow

    Parentese helps the baby begin to understand language because it matches the processing speed of her brain. Plus, babies learn language not only by listening, but also by watching and imitating mouth and tongue movements.

    The school connection

    This activity strengthens vision, listening and attention skills - all important for classroom learning.

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