Playing in months 4

    Baby’s ready for books

    No, we’re not talking about teaching her to read. But your child is old enough to start looking at and listening to books. Choose board books with simple, bright, colorful pictures (for example, Colors by Howard Shooter). Hold your baby on your lap, with her back against your chest. As you read, name colors and label pictures. Point out details ("Look at the kitty. He has four legs!"). Don't worry that she can't understand you. She's listening anyway.

    How it helps the brain grow

    By capturing your baby's attention, the bright colors help her brain learn to focus. At the same time, hearing your words helps your baby to build auditory connections in the parts of the brain used for language.

    The school connection

    These skills will help your child build vocabulary and manage tasks that require visual discrimination - for example, telling an “m” from an “n.”

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