Playing in month 3

    Play follow that toy

    Select a toy that makes noise - maybe one with a rattle or bell inside, or even a small jar filled with dried beans. When your baby is alert and ready to play, hold him in your lap, gently shake the toy off to one side, and then slowly move it across his field of vision. When you get near the center of your child’s body, he may lose focus on the toy. Gently shake it again to reengage his attention, and continue moving it. Because young infants have not yet developed 20/20 vision, they are particularly attracted to movement. Your baby may only engage in this activity for a few moments at a time, but will delight in repeating it many times during the day.

    How it helps the brain grow

    Our brains have two hemispheres - left and right. We process speech and grammar primarily on the left side of the brain, while metaphor and humor are processed on the right side. It’s important for the hemispheres to be strongly connected - and that begins with following a moving object with his eyes.

    The school connection

    Building the connections between the hemispheres -– what is known as cross-lateral function of the brain -– is critical for reading across a page.

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