Playing this month

    Read the environment

    Although youngchildren can't read, they certainly can learn to recognize theirfavorite cereal and chose their favorite DVD - based only on how thelogo and colors and shape of the words look. So while you're out andabout with your toddler, make a game out of "reading" the signs yousee. Point out STOP, McDonald’s or railroad-crossing signs as well asthe labels on juice boxes, bandages, cereal boxes... There's no end ofenvironmental print. Encourage your child to identify logos or say thename of food labels. She'll get a kick out of being able to read, andrunning errands will be more fun for both of you.

    How it helps the brain grow

    This type of "reading" teaches your toddler's brain to make a link between the sign and the thing it represents.

    The school connection

    Understanding that a symbol represents an object is a critical prereading skill. << Previous:   |   Next: >>