Playing in month 11

    Finger paint with food

    Sometimes playing with your food is a good thing! After lunch or dinner, drop a spoonful of pudding on your baby’s high-chair tray - any type of smooth pudding will work. With one finger, show him how to draw in the pudding. Lick your finger and smile. Invite him to draw in the pudding, too. Talk to him about how the pudding feels (cold, squishy, smooth) and about how his art looks (beautiful, like a circle, like a cat). If you want to save this piece of art, place a sheet of paper on top of it and press gently. The design will transfer to the paper.

    How it helps the brain grow

    All learning takes place through information the senses deliver to the brain. The sense of touch is particularly strong around the mouth. This is why everything goes into a baby’s mouth! Painting activities also help your child develop fine-motor skills, which use the small muscles in his fingers.

    The school connection

    Children need fine motor skills in order to learn to write.

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