Get Your iPotty Fix: Check Out Cute Toilet-Training T-Shirts

Are you lusting after the iPotty for your potty-training toddler? This cute tee might do the trick.

Posted by Rebecca Phillips

Our Facebook fans loved our post yesterday about the innovative "iPotty." This unique potty for tech-savvy toddlers enables kids to use an iPad (not included) while they wait for #1 or #2 to come out. For parents eager to keep their toddlers on the potty as long as possible, in order to encourage them to "go," this solution may be the trick.

But the iPotty isn't for everyone. "Doesn't anyone live a simple life any more?" wondered one skeptical Facebook fan. "I want my child todo her business and get up and continue about her day."

'"I think the $10 potty, perseverance, and some yummy chocolates worked just fine!!" agreed another potty-training pro.

The iPotty is out of stock right now, but you can still satisfy your inner desire to connect your kid's toilet training adventures to your love of technology. CafePress has a full suite of iPotty t-shirts and other accessories available for purchase. The toddler t-shirt (pictured here) is a steal at $14.99, compared to the $39.99 potty, plus the actual iPad you need to go along with it. 

Cute, but would you actually dress your kid in a potty-themed t-shirt? Hm, if it would inspire my son to finally get full potty trained, I just might...

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