The Hours Are Long the Time Is Short

But You'll Survive

Posted by Barbara_Mom365

One of the best things about a blog devoted to toddlers is that every mom reading it is in the same boat. Literally. On the verge of capsizing.

So we were psyched to find this video over on PhD in Parenting. That blog's author, Annie, decided to ask some of her post-toddler, still-standing mom friends to talk about the challenges they'd faced -  separation anxiety, no privacy, no pause button, the crying and whining - and how they survived. Then Annie made this video of their responses so that all toddler moms can listen, nod heads in recognition, and know that the hours are long but the time is short. And when it's all over you will be fine and your kid will be wonderful, even if for 2 solid years he ate not one veggie.You will survive!

Here's the video.  Add to the conversation in the comments below by sharing your challenges.



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