Is Your Child Sleeping Enough?

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Is your baby sleeping enough? He may not be, according to standard guidelines - but then again, most kids aren't, and standard guidelines might be out of sync with what kids actually need, sleepwise.

A new study reveals that most children are getting less sleep than expert-recommended standards

Australian researchers looked at 32 sleep recommendations published between 1897 and 2009, and compared that information to how many hours of sleep children were actually getting.

They found that sleep recommendations have decreased by more than an hour over the past hundred and some years, and the amount children actually sleep has decreased by just a little more.  In other words, on average, children have always slept less than recommended - in fact, for any single year, they've been getting about 37 minutes less sleep than they "should" have. 

What's more, there's nothing new in experts blaming overstimulation for children's lack of sleep.  For years, they've cited books, radio and TV for cutting in to childhood Zs. 

These days, sleep experts say there's really no optimal amount of sleep for a child - one kid might do well with 7 hours, another might need 11 to function at his best. So toss those guidelines and pay attention to your toddler's crankiness instead.

Do you think your toddler gets enough sleep? 


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