7 Easy Valentine's Day Crafts for Toddlers

Posted by Morgan Benzian

I am so NOT crafty. That being said, I still like to celebrate holidays with my kids by doing a little art project. It's fun to see them get into the spirit of whatever holiday is coming up and I love storing the crafts as keepsakes. Plus, I can always pawn them off as grandparent gifts, which really takes a load off. 

Whenever I start searching for age-appropriate holiday crafts, most of what I come across looks like it was either done by one of Martha Stewart's design team or is about as age-appropriate for a 65-year old woman who taught Home Ec for 30 years. 

I'm talking toddler crafts here! It's got to be something really simple, not too messy, and doesn't require more than 5 mintues of my 2-year old's attention. You know, a little glue, some markers, and maybe some glitter if I'm feeling crazy. 

Valentine's Day is right around the corner and I've discovered some really cute and easy crafts that my toddler will actually be able to enjoy. Because last year's diorama depicting the epic rainshower kissing scene from The Notebook didn't turn out so hot. We're keeping it simple this time around. 

Glitter Handprint Heart

Valentine's Day Inchworm Pencils

Valentine Heart Stamps

Paper Plate Heart Shaker

Luv Puppy Paper Bag Puppet

Heart-Shaped Finger Puppet

Paper Plate Heart Hat



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