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Play Dates for Toddlers


The act of mimicking is alive and well in the toddler years. While copying the words and behaviors of their parents is common, little ones are also gathering new phrases and actions from their peers. Play​ dates with their friends can also help children in the development process, as these get-togethers encourage learning, sharing and many more benefits.

Kids may be excited for their first play date, but parents may feel a little more anxiety about the gathering. Whether the meeting takes place at one of the little one's homes or in a third-party location, there's a fair amount of planning required to ensure the interaction goes off without a hitch.

It's important for the moms and dads facilitating these play dates to think of some activities, games and crafts toddlers can do to keep them occupied. If the meeting will take place during a typical eating time, parents also must figure out what to serve for meals or snacks. The family that organized the interaction should ensure there are no dietary or allergic restrictions before planning this mini menu.

Although some play dates are loud and raucous, they don't have to be. Parents have the option to plan more relaxed get-togethers that offer a sense of calm to both little ones and moms and dads.  There are many options for and benefits to gain when it comes to these gatherings. Learn more about arranging great play​ dates for toddlers.