Prayers to Connecticut

Sending our warmth to all those involved in the shooting tragedy

Posted by Valerie Reiss

Mom365 sends blessings and prayers to all parents and kids and everyone involved in the tragedy of today's elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

This horrific event obviously strikes a chord deep in all moms, and when something like this happens, you just want to hug your babies and not let go. 

May we all come together in communal support--if you're feeling shaken, call a friend, a family member, someone you trust, and talk. And cry. You can comment below, or log in to our Community right now, and find a friend. (We'll have a specific thread set up soon for this.)

It's natural to feel a lot during these events, even if we are far from the scene of the crime. We're all connected, and moms even more so, to other moms and kids. 

Sending strength and light and peace and wishes that this will never happen again.






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