Your little baby is headed onto their first day of preschool. It is time to set up a new rhythm to follow along with learning the new milestones and behaviors to come with friends, school, and activities.
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Limiting Screen Time in a World of Screens
Limiting Screen Time
TV, smartphones, tablets, computers, and video games: these screens could easily command your child's attention all day if you let them. Experts have linked many troubling things to staring at these ubiquitous screens.

How to Choose a Preschool
How to Choose a Preschool Sure, it's "just preschool," but you want to find the perfect place for your little one's first foray into structured learning. So there's a lot to consider! 

The Pros and Cons of Timeouts for Kids
The Pros and Cons of Timeouts for Kids
Every child misbehaves. Whether it's temper tantrums or refusals to eat, parents have a lot on their plates. Discipline is of the utmost importance, as children need to learn from what kinds of behavior are unacceptable.