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9 Weeks Pregnant: 3 Things to Expect


With your tiny embryo officially graduating to fetus status, week nine is an exciting week in pregnancy! Just try to keep that in mind if the pregnancy hormones are wreaking havoc on your stomach and appetite (you’ll feel better soon, we promise!). Here are a few things to expect from your baby and your body this week, mama!

  1. S/He Got the Beat
  2. a pregnant woman getting an ultrasound

    You’ve been waiting for this moment--the first time you pee on a stick and see two lines. It’s a moment filled with excitement, disbelief, shock, amazement, joy, and yes, fear. This is where it all begins. Congratulations, mom!

  3. The Latest Happenings
  4. a green olive

    This week, your baby's about as big as a green olive! Exciting developments this week include the formation of the liver, gallbladder, and spleen. Plus your little one's head is straightening out, and tiny muscles forming in his or her arms and legs.

  5. Sick and Tired
  6. a young woman looking stressed

    It's likely you're still feeling pretty terrible and also probably extremely fatigued! One reason you're so tired: Your body is siphoning off a ton of energy to build your baby's placenta, an organ which will serve to nourish and support your baby throughout the rest of the pregnancy. Have you been on the scale lately, mama? If you've been able to keep most of your food down, it's possible that you've added a pound or two. Expect to gain between one and five pounds in the first trimester.

  7. Tip: How to Fight the Good Fight
  8. a cup of ginger tea

    Combat morning sickness with tiny snacks throughout the day—you'll feel better if you always have a little food in your belly. Try to eat the healthiest version of whatever you can stomach—i.e. whole grain crackers if you can only manage to eat carbs these days. And foods with ginger could be your best friend, as this spice is known to help aid nausea. Try sipping on candied ginger or sipping some ginger tea.

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