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2 Weeks Pregnant

Week by Week Pregnancy Guide


Your baby has probably been tucked away in your womb for two weeks before you miss your first period or realize that your period is late. This makes calculating your pregnancy by week tricky, since you are considered one month pregnant when you miss your first period. The changes your body will go through at two weeks pregnant are so small that you will probably be the only one who notices them.

Determining when you actually conceived isn't an exact science. You've probably been pregnant for two weeks by the time you miss a menstrual period, but doctors calculate pregnancy based on the date of your last period. So most people will consider you four weeks pregnant at this point. You may sometimes feel mildly sick to your stomach, especially when you first wake up, but not all women experience morning sickness. Other early signs that you are at least two weeks pregnant may include sore breasts that feel fuller and heavier, exhaustion and mild backaches.

Your Body at Two Weeks Pregnant

human embryo at 2 weeks

You may not yet feel like you're going to have a baby, but at two weeks pregnant, your child has been growing inside at a rapid rate, faster than at any other time during your pregnancy. It's already either a girl or a boy, although it will be several weeks before your doctor will be able to determine its sex. It's still too tiny to be seen on most ultrasounds, but soon this little ball of cells will become your child.

What to Consider When You're Two Weeks Pregnant

To ensure your unborn child's health as well as your own, begin taking pregnancy vitamins that include folic acid to protect your child from spinal cord deformities and vitamin D to help protect you and your child from complications such as pre-eclampsia and infection.

At this early stage, you probably don't need to tell others that you are two weeks pregnant. Symptoms may tip off some friends and family as your pregnancy progresses, so don't be surprised if some people ask whether you're expecting; it may be your glowing skin or simply your happy smile that made them suspect the happy news. Talk to your doctor about the best time to tell your boss and friends about your pregnancy.

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