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Week by Week Pregnancy Guide

Discover the Weekly Symptoms of Your Pregnancy


We hope you’ll check in each week for up-to-date pregnancy info. We’ll cover the physical changes you’re going through, including early pregnancy symptoms, as well as your baby’s growth and development. We hope you’ll find our articles, advice, and pictures useful and informative, and that you follow along week-by-week.

Pregnancy is such an exciting time. Why not start reading and learning about what to expect in the weeks to come?

Your Week-by-Week Pregnancy Guide

Your First Trimester

Many women have an inkling that they are pregnant before their suspicions can be confirmed by a test. Some women claim to know very early, in the days after conception. With hormone levels rising steadily, it’s no wonder that the physical symptoms make themselves known so early.

human embryo at 7 weeks

If you’re newly pregnant, be sure to start taking folic acid. Read our pregnancy by-the-weeks guide to find out why!  

Your Second Trimester

Whew! You’ve made it past the first trimester. You may be feeling less nauseated now that you’re in the second trimester.

human fetus at 22 weeks

Now it’s time to consider blood tests and start planning for your birth – it will be here before you know it! You may also be preoccupied with thinking about baby names.

Keep reading our pregnancy by week guide to learn more about trimester two.

Your Third Trimester

How’s that belly bump? In the third trimester, your pregnancy is unlikely to be a secret. You’re showing and maybe experiencing some of the particular concerns of late pregnancy like poor sleep and pelvic joint pain, and planning out the details of your birth plan.

human fetus at 36 weeks

You’re nearly there! Keep reading to learn about the final stages of gestation in our week-to-week pregnancy guide.