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Twins or More


Finding out you're pregnant can be incredibly exciting, especially when you learn you're having two babies instead of one! Multiple pregnancies can mean complications, such as giving birth early, and do require some extra precautions to ensure both little ones are healthy when they are born.

Mom's body will change even more than in a single pregnancy to accommodate two growing babies. Your belly will be larger than if you were having just one child. Twins typically have lower birth weights, though, so don't worry: You aren't likely to be twice the size of a pregnant woman who is having one baby.

It's important to understand that anyone can have twins, but fertility treatments and family history increase your likelihood of this wonderful surprise. If possible, you may want to take a leave of absence from work to stay at home and be comfortable in the last trimester as your body handles all the extra hormones. 

Learn about the risks of twin pregnancy, such as early birth and cesarean sections, plus tips on how to quell that incessant nausea here. Also, gain information on post-birth care for two babies, how to cope with premature labor and ways to help older siblings adjust to their new little brothers and sisters. 

Your twins will soon require your full attention and care, so read up now to help prepare your home and mind for their arrival. You'll feel more ready and less stressed about having two babies at once when you've done the research.


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