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Preparing for Baby


Pregnancy isn't just a nine-month period of growing a child - it's also nine months of getting ready for that baby! Not only is your body changing rapidly, so are your needs for your family, home, car and overall life.

You'll need to be prepared for the 10 major decisions to make during pregnancy, and to know the essential items to buy before bringing baby home. Make sure you know what you're doing when it comes time for packing your hospital bag by gathering the necessities.

Creating a nursery in an important step to take during your pregnancy as well as these other 10 ways to prepare your home for baby. You'll need everything from newborn diapers to crib sheets, onesies and plenty of bibs for your new family member to use while feeding.

Not only do you have to get ready for the birth, you'll need to learn about breastfeeding and gain self care tips for new moms so you can make sure you're not spending every ounce of time and energy on your little one. You can't provide top notch care when you're not feeling all right yourself, after all!

Take time while pregnant to rest, as this, too, is important in the process of nesting and readying yourself for being a mom. Consider trying relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation to learn ways to de-stress. These may come in handy when your little one is born and you're not getting your usual amount of sleep.

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