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Pregnancy Trimesters

The Stages of Pregnancy


The nine months of pregnancy are broken into three trimesters. In each stage, your body will undergo many changes to promote a growing baby's health. 

In the first trimester, you will likely miss your period and notice some telltale signs of pregnancy, like morning sickness and implantation bleeding. This is a time to celebrate upcoming changes, start taking prenatal vitamins and see an obstetrician for the first time! You may even get a scan to see the tiny developing baby and learn your due date.

In your second trimester, your belly will noticeably grow. Hopefully any morning sickness will subside, and you can enjoy listening to your little one's heartbeat at the doctor's office. By your 25th week, your baby may move and respond to your voice. It's common to become breathless at this stage because your growing uterus will crowd your lungs. Don your pregnancy pants and enjoy preparing for your little one!

The third trimester is a special time when many soon-to-be moms attend their baby shower and spend time resting up. Your baby can see and hear, and may even be sucking his or her thumb! Most babies weigh between six and nine pounds at this stage and will enter the world sometime after 37 weeks. Make sure you've created a birth plan and your go-bag of hospital essentials is ready to roll. Or, prep that birthing tub and be in contact with your doula or midwife about any last minute birth questions.