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Pregnancy Concerns

Learn about what conditions to look out for during pregnancy


Finding out you're pregnant is a very exciting event in your life. Once you know you're going to have a baby, you'll probably turn to the web to find information on what to expect as your pregnancy progresses. It's a great idea to prepare yourself for a wide range of symptoms, some that won't bother you and others that slow you down.

Backaches, indigestion and heartburn are some of the most common experiences many pregnant women share. Some ladies may also have hemorrhoids, gum disease or diabetes due to their pregnancy. Some soon-to-be moms have trouble with breathlessness due to their increased need for oxygen or have leg cramps from the extra weight needed to safely carry a child to term.

You may find you have an iron deficiency and experience diarrhea, dizziness or congestion while pregnant. Most of these issues will resolve as your pregnancy progresses, but talk with your doctor if you're concerned. A physician can let you know about other pregnancy issues you might experience and provide ways to make sure both you and the baby are healthy through the pregnancy.

If ever you find yourself discouraged by un-fun pregnancy side effects, talk to loved ones about the experience. Other women who are moms can be a great source of comfort and understanding.

It's easy to see all these pregnancy concerns and wonder if you're really cut out for this. Just know that many women have perfectly healthy pregnancies without complications, and in the end it's worth a little heartburn and discomfort when you finally meet your darling little one. 

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