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Make Your Own No-Sew Moby Wrap

Via Rookie Moms

Posted by Barbara_Mom365

Everyone - well, almost everyone - loves the Moby Wrap once they've tried it. It's the queen of soft-shell wraps that hugs your baby to your body and leaves you hands-free enough to wash dishes, color with a preschooler and push a shopping cart (no, not all at once).

So we were excited to see a post over on Rookie Moms that tells you step by step how to make a Moby-like wrap. All you need is lots of fabric and a good pair of scissors. No sewing machine, no needle and thread, zero crafty mama skills. Rookiemom Heather even has a video showing you how to tie it like a pro.

Curious? (Nesting?) Check it out here. Then tell us in the comments below how it worked out.




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Comments (5)


Christy  -  01/09/2013 20:47 PM

I am looking forward to making this. I am expecting number two with a fresh toddler on my hands (he's one). This seems cheaper and will probably come in handy when baby number two gets here. Thanks for sharing this super easy moby wrap!!


Susan  -  09/21/2012 21:41 PM

Great instructions! I found a designer knit fabric on sale and made this "fauxby" for less than $7.00. And because it's the kind of knit with edges that roll up, I only had to sew the one seam along the short ends to join the two 2.5 yard pieces together.


TechMom  -  02/03/2012 13:10 PM

Making it sounds easier than wrapping it! Now I'm a little embarr***ed that I spent so much on my Baby K'Tan, but I do like how it doesn't need to be wrapped and tied.


agirlandaboy  -  01/30/2012 12:56 PM

A friend of mine gave me one of these (handmade and everything) for my first baby, and I used it ALL THE TIME. I was sad when my son got too big for it and I had to pack it away. This makes a great gift, too.


Maria C  -  01/30/2012 12:46 PM

Such a great tip! Thanks for sharing!!