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Hot Pregnancy Trend: Gender Reveal Parties

Posted by Leah Mann

Back when my friends started having babies, the cool thing to do was have a co-ed baby shower, instead of one just for girls. Now? It seems the hot trend is gender reveal parties, at which the couple finds out the sex of their baby in front of all their friends and family.

My husband thinks the whole concept is totally cheesy, but I think it’s wonderful. I especially love the idea of hosting a gender reveal party when the baby isn’t the couple’s first child; that way you’re not throwing a baby shower and expecting gifts, but you still have an excuse to get together with people you love to celebrate the impending addition.

Here are a few sweet gender reveal parties caught on tape:

(Read the whole blog post about this party on Kelsey's Words of Williams blog.)

It's more fun when one of the parents is confident s/he knows what the baby is.

These parents of two little girls are expecting twins. What will they be? 

This gender reveal didn't exactly go as planned...

Have you ever been to a gender reveal party? Are you planning to throw your own?

(If you liked those, check back next week for some of the cutest and cleverest gender reveal techniques you’ve ever seen. You won't be disappointed.)


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