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Mom Quizzes


Everyone loves a good quiz, and lucky for you, there's plenty of them for you to take here.

Are you ready to test your proficiency in celebrity mama gossip? Give our famous moms quiz a swing - brush up on your Cindy Crawford, Mia Farrow and Natalie Portman knowledge first!

In all the hectic hustle and bustle of motherhood, don't forget to remember that your own mom deserves a little recognition and respect on Mother's Day. Take our best mother's day gift quiz to discover the perfect gift for mom!

Have you ever wondered what kind of mom you are? Sure, you're a good mom, and you're a loving mom - but are you a "whatever works" mom or a traditional mom? Or maybe you're an attachment mama, who's always up to date on the latest piece of Dr. Sears wisdom. Take the mom personality quiz now to find out - you may be more "earth mother" than you thought!

OK, maybe you know what kind of parent you are - but what about your co-pilot on the ride we call parenthood? Find out what type of personality your partner brings to the table with our dad style quiz.

Find out whether you and your partner's parenting personalities jive with each other. Take the parenting compatibility quiz to find out. Will you find you're just as in sync with one another's parenting philosophies as you thought? Or maybe you'll discover that you're only slightly synced.

Whatever the outcome, you and your partner surely agree on at least one thing: You're only trying to do what's best for baby!