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Humor and Fun


Raising children is an incredible accomplishment, but it's also a huge source of stress. Sleepless nights, planning healthy meals, dealing with temper tantrums and public potty accidents make it incredibly easy to forget the joys of motherhood.

It's important to remember the fun and funny parts of being a mom, if only for your sanity's sake. After all, children are a blessing - our little girls and boys bring something special into our lives. Whether that's a ridiculous hairstyle or an awkward feeding face, these tiny moments make the sleepless nights worth it.

Motherhood as a concept is also a great source of inspiration. Only fellow moms truly understand the life-changing nature of giving birth, and it's amazing to read their stories of delivery. What's more, every mother parents their children differently. It's fun to learn your own parenting style, and you can pick up tips from other mothers. Maybe you'll find new adventures worth celebrating, or maybe you'll decide to get your first tattoo.

The joys of motherhood are innumerable, and while no quote can sum them up neatly, there are certainly a few that will bring a smile to your face. On those rare occasions you get a few moments of calm, put your feet up and read a fun article or two that puts the stress of raising children into perspective.