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Family Health Concerns


Keeping your family healthy is one of your top priorities. It's also a task that fills you with unspeakable anxiety. Was your child's cough just a tickle in the throat, or is it a symptom of bronchiolitis, a respiratory tract infection commonly seen in winter? Is it safe to let your toddler play outside, or has a fox contaminated the soil with roundworms that cause toxocariasis, a serious infection that mostly affects children under five?

The best way to keep your family healthy while not stressing yourself to death is to stay informed. Knowing the symptoms and effects of common family illnesses helps you prevent or treat anything your family encounters.

Common family health concerns include:

  • Asthma: A lung condition affecting the airways. One out of 11 children receive treatment for asthma, though the condition often isn't diagnosed until school age.
  • Chickenpox: A well-known virus that mostly affects children in preschool or primary school.
  • Pneumonia: A lung infection easily contracted by young children due to their weak immune systems.
  • Strep throat: A common bacterial infection that accounts for approximately 25 percent of sore throats.
  • Tetanus: A rare condition that is fatal if not treated quickly. Thankfully, childhood immunization is incredibly effective.
  • Tonsillitis: A common tonsil infection. Doctors may recommend removal if the condition occurs five times in one year.
Learn the basics of family health so you're prepared for anything, from a mild cough to a serious infection.