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6 Questions about Finding Time for Yourself

with Dana Wood

1. How can a frazzled new mom focus on her own needs, and how soon after delivery should she start?

a mom sleeping in a bed with a eye mask

I think that women should start as early as in the hospital—or at least the day they get home from the hospital! It’s so important to keep tabs on your own health, not just the baby’s. Are you drinking enough water? Did you even remember to eat today? I created a self-care chart when I got home to keep track of things like when I took medicine, ate a meal or took a nap. The important thing is to set the precedent that taking care of you isn’t negotiable. From that first day, make it your business to take care of yourself first, because you can’t take care of your baby if you’re neglecting yourself. It’s a gift to your kids.

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